Do you have an experience waiting for so long to make an order or waiting for the waiter/ waitress approach you in the restaurant? Or sometimes you have to scream a bit to call for the waiter/waitress from far. Of course this situation makes you feel shame, angry, heartsick and so on. Some of you might face this situation before. I also have an experienced where I do call them for two times to make an order but they are not noticing on me (perhaps).

Restaurant managers have to realize that this situation can make them loose of their customers due to bad service provided. Some restaurant has a very good chef where they are able to attract many customers via delicious foods to come to their restaurant. It will be more advantages to the customers and also the restaurants if the tasty foods attach together with reasonable price, clean restaurant and first-class services. This problem can be solved via sophisticated technology such as using “Wireless Call System”.


For example there are certain restaurant such as Hailam Kopitiam and Pizza Restaurant used this system which seems to be effective in providing good services. Hailam Kopitiam which located at Seksyen 7 were provided with good services. Order done by ourself where we have to write on the given paper. Then just press the button of wireless call system. The number of my table will appear on the board and the waiter notice that there is a call from my table. This system seems very simple but very useful too. I am very happy with this system where the waiter can immediately approach me without waiting for so long.



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